Foil Art

August 26, 2015

With just a few simple items, you can create beautiful pieces of art! I used black foam board (not the super cheap stuff), Aleen’s Original Tacky Glue (8oz gold bottle), aluminum foil, spray adhesive and liquid shoe polish (with the foam applicator) to create these and they turned out great!

I cut out and traced letters onto a board with pencil and used the Tacky Glue to outline it. Notice, I tested filling in the letters, but that took way too much time and drying time, and it really didn’t end up making a difference at all! This glue works much better than Elmer’s glue. It keeps its form and doesn’t spread or run like Elmer’s.



Once the glued outlined letters were dry, I took the board outside and covered it well with spray adhesive. Then I immediately placed a large sheet of aluminum foil over the board (doesn’t matter if you use dull or shiny side) and began to smooth it out, being careful not to tear the foil. I took a pencil eraser and defined the inside and outside edges of the lettering then added some doodles with a dull pencil.



Then I put shoe polish over the entire board and let it dry for about 10-15 minutes. I took a slightly damp cloth and began to lightly rub off some of the shoe polish inside of the lettering and circle doodles. Rub off as little or as much as you want.



I added some bling by gluing sequins on the corners. Then gave it a quick light coat of sealer spray, and that’s it! Simple as that!




Ellen at 81

August 26, 2015

I met my friend Ellen in 2004 at an ice cream social at the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind. We quickly bonded and I’ve been visiting her weekly ever since. We mostly chat about life stuff and I organize her closet, write letters for her, or fill snacks in easy to access bags. We talk about God and she tells me of her conversations with Jesus through prayer. Our time is truly precious and is something I hope I never take for granted. She has recently had some health issues that have taken a toll on her. It seems she’s fighting one infection or another and her 88 lb. body has little strength to fight anything off. Her stories tend to repeat, but she recalls experiences (good and bad) in her past with great detail. With each ailment, I wonder how long my friend will be on this earth. While I will surely miss this faithful and sweet lady and the time we spend together, I will smile knowing she’ll finally be with her Creator in whom she’s put all her trust, and have her health completely restored.

With her permission, I photographed her in her room during a recent visit. I wanted to capture the present moment of this lady and setting in which she spends her time. The purpose is not to expose her or steal any of her dignity, but to show the raw beauty and reality of the life of my friend.











Large Pins

October 23, 2013

Large Pins


This fun and colorful pin measures a little under 6″ and is a great way to cutesy up a jacket, bag, solid colored scarf or just about anything! I love making these pins and will soon be selling these colorful ones as well as festive Christmas color-themed pins!

In love with scarves!

October 8, 2013

So, I’ve been making scarves to sell at Studio on 6th in Springfield and I love how they pair with a t-shirt and jeans or a fun fall jacket. These are made out of tshirts, so they are lightweight and comfortable! They are paired with a removable pin. I can custom make one for you that would go with that perfect outfit or to add pizazz to a plain outfit!




My Wedding Invites

August 7, 2013

I admit, I’m a sucker for cute packaging. I think I would buy anything as long as the packaging is super cute. Cute, fun, simple, unique, humorous…all words I wanted to be described about our wedding invites. So, is it wrong to still be in love with the design of my wedding invites well over a year after our first anniversary? I love the simplicity, the whimsy and character of these. But most of all, I love how it set the tone of how the day was supposed to be…fun, relaxed and did I mention fun?! I wanted the opposite of “stuffy” and I set out and designed anything BUT! I had so many compliments on these…I think people appreciate a wedding that is casual every now and then. This creative mind had about ten different ideas in mind, but I’m glad I landed on this design.inviteRSVPflags


I think we spent as much on fabric, ribbon, scrapbook paper and embellishments for this wedding as we did on the photography! But it was well worth it to add your own creative touch to your day. I can’t tell you how many nights were spent cleaning up baby food jars (removing the sticky label) and decorating them with ribbon, tissue paper or decorative napkins. But they made for gorgeous and inexpensive decorations! I even lined them down the main aisle for the wedding. Elegant, but colorful and unique!

Ball canning jars and baby food jars were used for this idea. Guests were asked to write words of encouragement or fun memories on 1″ x 9″ strips of scrapbook paper, place them back in the jar and during the holidays, we’ll turn them into looped garland for our first Christmas tree as husband and wife!

This fabric garland looked amazing round the dessert table! We used colors that tied in the wedding and added some fun curling ribbon for extra texture and flair!

For the centerpieces, we lined a glass cylinder vase with scrapbook paper we cut to size, inserted rice and some tree branches (got ours from Jeffrey Alans @ $3/bunch! The other jars were decorated with ribbon, crepe paper and fabric! We wanted every table to look different!

These ribbon streamers (hot glued to wooden rods), were a fun element for our guests to wave as we were pronounced husband and wife and walking out as the ceremony ended

Our “YAY” “FINALLY” and “ABOUT TIME” flags were fun and simple to make. Some were computer generated, but most were simple scrapbook paper, cut and glued onto a wooden rod.

Teal hydrangeas with pink gerbers for the bridal bouquet; white hydrangeas for the bridesmaids! So very pretty!

I had a totally Pinterest wedding! All of it was hand-crafted or computer designed…so lovely! I made YAY flags, a prayer tree, unique program, used decorated baby food jars to line the aisle and for the reception tables. I bought parasols and hung them from the ceiling and made fabric pennants to hang from the ceiling. The plastic silverware was wrapped in fabric knots. I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

It has been slightly over a month since making my first batch of sugar scrubs, and I’ve made and sold nearly 300 jars! Not only do they make a GREAT gift…they actually are amazing at making your hands and feet really soft! I’ve received some great comments about them, and I’m still taking orders! If you haven’t tried them and want to see what all this hype is about, send me an email at

Okay, so I’m putting this out for all to see…that is, for all who visit my website who know m (which is likely not a lot). So, it’s safe to say that posting this picture of what will likely be my centerpieces for my April 28 wedding, should not ruin the surprise of too many folks. Plus, I need my mom to visit my site to see what I’ve been trying to describe to her over the phone. The glass cylinder main vase has a printed photocopy of one of our engagement photos. I filled the vase with navy beans and inserted several willow branches ($1.99 at Jeffrey Alans) and hot glued some mini cupcake liner flowers on the branches. Simple as that! The Ball jars wrapped in fabric will have a small candle. The puffy balls are made from coffee filters, so everything is done inexpensively, but very creatively! Beats the cost of having real flowers, plus I think some people will appreciate the effort put into hand crafted items (at least I would!).