Foil Art

August 26, 2015

With just a few simple items, you can create beautiful pieces of art! I used black foam board (not the super cheap stuff), Aleen’s Original Tacky Glue (8oz gold bottle), aluminum foil, spray adhesive and liquid shoe polish (with the foam applicator) to create these and they turned out great!

I cut out and traced letters onto a board with pencil and used the Tacky Glue to outline it. Notice, I tested filling in the letters, but that took way too much time and drying time, and it really didn’t end up making a difference at all! This glue works much better than Elmer’s glue. It keeps its form and doesn’t spread or run like Elmer’s.



Once the glued outlined letters were dry, I took the board outside and covered it well with spray adhesive. Then I immediately placed a large sheet of aluminum foil over the board (doesn’t matter if you use dull or shiny side) and began to smooth it out, being careful not to tear the foil. I took a pencil eraser and defined the inside and outside edges of the lettering then added some doodles with a dull pencil.



Then I put shoe polish over the entire board and let it dry for about 10-15 minutes. I took a slightly damp cloth and began to lightly rub off some of the shoe polish inside of the lettering and circle doodles. Rub off as little or as much as you want.



I added some bling by gluing sequins on the corners. Then gave it a quick light coat of sealer spray, and that’s it! Simple as that!