Ellen at 81

August 26, 2015

I met my friend Ellen in 2004 at an ice cream social at the Mary Bryant Home for the Blind. We quickly bonded and I’ve been visiting her weekly ever since. We mostly chat about life stuff and I organize her closet, write letters for her, or fill snacks in easy to access bags. We talk about God and she tells me of her conversations with Jesus through prayer. Our time is truly precious and is something I hope I never take for granted. She has recently had some health issues that have taken a toll on her. It seems she’s fighting one infection or another and her 88 lb. body has little strength to fight anything off. Her stories tend to repeat, but she recalls experiences (good and bad) in her past with great detail. With each ailment, I wonder how long my friend will be on this earth. While I will surely miss this faithful and sweet lady and the time we spend together, I will smile knowing she’ll finally be with her Creator in whom she’s put all her trust, and have her health completely restored.

With her permission, I photographed her in her room during a recent visit. I wanted to capture the present moment of this lady and setting in which she spends her time. The purpose is not to expose her or steal any of her dignity, but to show the raw beauty and reality of the life of my friend.












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