It’s All in the (wedding) Details!

May 22, 2012

I think we spent as much on fabric, ribbon, scrapbook paper and embellishments for this wedding as we did on the photography! But it was well worth it to add your own creative touch to your day. I can’t tell you how many nights were spent cleaning up baby food jars (removing the sticky label) and decorating them with ribbon, tissue paper or decorative napkins. But they made for gorgeous and inexpensive decorations! I even lined them down the main aisle for the wedding. Elegant, but colorful and unique!

Ball canning jars and baby food jars were used for this idea. Guests were asked to write words of encouragement or fun memories on 1″ x 9″ strips of scrapbook paper, place them back in the jar and during the holidays, we’ll turn them into looped garland for our first Christmas tree as husband and wife!

This fabric garland looked amazing round the dessert table! We used colors that tied in the wedding and added some fun curling ribbon for extra texture and flair!

For the centerpieces, we lined a glass cylinder vase with scrapbook paper we cut to size, inserted rice and some tree branches (got ours from Jeffrey Alans @ $3/bunch! The other jars were decorated with ribbon, crepe paper and fabric! We wanted every table to look different!

These ribbon streamers (hot glued to wooden rods), were a fun element for our guests to wave as we were pronounced husband and wife and walking out as the ceremony ended

Our “YAY” “FINALLY” and “ABOUT TIME” flags were fun and simple to make. Some were computer generated, but most were simple scrapbook paper, cut and glued onto a wooden rod.

Teal hydrangeas with pink gerbers for the bridal bouquet; white hydrangeas for the bridesmaids! So very pretty!


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